Saturday, October 20, 2007

It Takes a Village

Well, it certainly takes more that a little ol' committee.

Something special happened this week while I was on vacation. Someone, not on the Gotham Park Committee saw a way they could help and stepped right up and did the job! Baron Jordan, VP of the Piedmont Heights Civic Association Board, made an application to the
Park Pride Community Micro Grant Program on behalf of Gotham Park. What a guy!

The deadline was October 15-- just a few days away. I was out of town and not answering email or voicemail so Baron took on the mantle of leadership that he so often does and wrote the application himself. There was some thought that an application might be made for the fledgling Piedmont Heights Green Space Committee but b/c there was a requirement of matching funds so Gotham Park was selected. Our matching funds will come from the Sept Gotham Park BBQ and Fundraiser. Yet another positive repercussion of the fantastic BBQ event.

NPU-F sponsored the application for $500 for the installation of a sandbox/covered pavilion. You can read the complete application. Recipients of the grants will be notified by Nov 1. We'll be sure to post the results here and on our website.

Either way, next time you see Baron please give him a huge thanks on behalf of all Gotham Park Stakeholders!!

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