Monday, April 28, 2008

Rummage and Bake Sale Results

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers the Gotham Park Rummage & Bake Sale went off with flying colors. Our grand total was $1119.90. I'm told that the previous highest yard sale total was $850. But best of all, we again engaged the entire community and won some more Gotham Park Stakeholders! If you average $10-$15 per purchase that's somewhere between 75 and 110 shoppers. A good turn out.

The Gotham Park Committee couldn't have done such great help from so many. Special thanks to Jenny Cowhig. She organized the rummage sale, took donations at her home ALL week, arrived for set up before dawn and stayed all day (through the rain)! Also, special thanks to Maria Lyons. She organized the bake sale collecting donations from area bakeries, groceries & neighbors, provided coffee to all the volunteers and manned her station all day (all while mucho pregnant). And to Mary Gail Muse. She purchased dozens of bags and organized a kids' art party to decorate them with Gotham Park and Earth Day messaging for our customers (watch for these to be resurrected at the Fall BBQ). And thanks to all our amazing volunteers: Judy Landey, Kellye McGarry, Bryan McGarry, Wynn Muse, Jean Muse, Jean Johnson, Elaine Murphy, Jane Gole, Greg Wilcox, Steven Mengelt, Irene Seay, Bill Seay, Diane Weber, Shelly Riden, Cathy Conway, Steve Phillips, Susan Kanellos, Laurie Reis, Jonathan Lyons & Geri Laufer. Please forgive me if I've forgotten anyone.

Thanks again!!!
The Gotham Park Committee

PS-- Keep an eye out for final design plans of the park to be posted on the Gotham Park Blog soon and for renovations to begin as soon as early June!

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