Friday, November 2, 2007

Buffer Design

Here is the first draft of the buffer design by Ruppert Nurseries. Please comment.

This design is for the implementation of the $15,000 in trees that WXIA promised to PHCA. This was part of the negotiation between WXIA and PHCA to mitigate the impact of the WXIA construction alongside the buffer between the WXIA property and that of our PHCA residents.


Kellye McGarry said...
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Kellye McGarry said...

I certainly defer to our resident horticulturalist, but in doing some minimal research I wonder about these specimen:

For Polution Absorption -
Sentry Gingko (male)
Red Oak

For Visual Screening -
English Oak
Irish Yew
Armstrong Maple
Saucer Magnolia
PJM Rhododendron

Again, I have NO CLUE what I'm talking about - just referencing the book, The Garden Primer.